Benefits And Uses Of Oatmeal

Oats is the national food of Scotland. The world started realizing the importance of this affordable and nutrient-rich grain only in the past decade. Gluten free oatmeal became the favorite recipe of several sport stars and celebrities who decided to shed their calories and improve their performance in the past few years. Here is an insight into what this grain actually contains.

Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Oats is naturally free of gluten, a form of protein present in most of the other grains. Oats contain 80% avenalin and 20% prolamine. These proteins are also found in soy, meat and milk. These proteins help in:

Stabilizing the blood sugar level:

  • Gluten free oatmeal is a great diet for diabetes patients.
  • Since it is rich in fiber and magnesium, taking them for breakfast daily eliminates the risk of diabetes by 31%.
  • It is particularly useful for women with uncontrollable cravings for pastries and chocolates.

Increases the immunity level of the body

  • Consuming five to six servings of oats in a week instead of breakfast or dinner helps women suffering from post-menopausal symptoms a lot.
  • Oats strengthen the natural immunity of the body protecting them from various bone related issues.
  • It also ensures smooth functioning of the heart, and prevents allergies.

Prevent breast cancer

  • Oatmeal is rich in fiber reduces the risk of breast cancer as it is capable of boosting the immunity in the body which can fight against the malignant tumors.
  • They are the best food for people suffering from celiac disease, too.

Aids in Digestion

Diet lovers take the gluten free oatmeal cereal to get that filled in feeling and keep their stomach safe from the harmful amino acids secreted in our stomach. These amino acids are used to digest the food we take.

  • When a person is on diet, these acids damage the internal walls of the stomach and intestine as they do not have enough food particles to react on. This leads to constipation, wounds in stomach, ulcer and many other issues.
  • Gluten free oatmeal is the best the food for people suffering from such dieting side effects. Oatmeal is a bit hard to digest. So the amino acids act on them without harming the delicate internal tissues of the stomach and intestine.

Oatmeal need not always be consumed in its original form. There are several desserts and spicy recipes which can be made of oats. Internet lists several of them. It is advisable to use honey instead of sugar in oat desserts as it can be consumed by diabetes patients, too. Adding almond, cinnamon, milk, egg and saffron to such desserts will increase the nutrient content of the dish.